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Clash of Spells is a fast-paced multiplayer magic shooter being developed for room-scale virtual reality. You will cast and dodge elemental spells to destroy the enemies and survive.

In each multiplayer battle, players are divided in two 4-player teams. Players can attack using a variety of elemental spells, which can also be combined to form even more powerful ones. As a defence, players can either choose to dodge spells or can raise an energy shield than can provide temporary protection. Each player controls a platform and can teleport themselves onto other platforms using a spell.

Clash of Spells is a skill-based game where players need to use their aim and reflexes to beat other players. Despite being a competitive game, Clash of Spells also encourages team play, as players can heal other team members and coordinate their attack to deal more damage to the enemy team.


  • 4 vs 4 team deathmach multiplayer mode
  • Bots
  • 16 different spells
  • 3 game maps
  • More to come


  • Any VR headset supported by SteamVR
  • Any Windows version supported by SteamVR
  • Any hardware that meets the minimum requirements for SteamVR
  • Basically you only need SteamVR

Itch.io version

The version of the game that you can download below doesn't support the online features. This is because they require the game to be run through Steam. You will still be able to play against bots.

The full version of the game will be released as an early access game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/736780/Clash_of_Spells/


Clash of Spells 116 MB

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